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14 Days To Lower Splits Challenge!

Hey guys! I know things seem a little crazy now, but we're going to be ok. It's important to stay educated without giving into panic. Let's turn this setback into an opportunity by working on ourselves! Here is something to help you do just that. I'm doing a 14 Days to Lower Splits...


5 Stretching Mistakes You're Probably Making| Martial Arts Edition

Are you having a hard time stretching? Not seeing the amount of progress you’d like to? In my time as an instructor both in person and on the internet, I hear all too often how people are stretching every single day but not seeing the results they want, so I’ve compiles a list of mistakes that...


18 Reasons You Shouldn't Skip Martial Arts Training Today!

"Oh my god. I don't feel like training today" Every martial artist has said this at some point, whether in their mind or out loud. Sometimes your bed is so comfy you don't want to leave. Maybe you've had a long day at work or you have a ton of homework you need to accomplish. Whatever the...